How I Organize Our Daily Curriculum with the School Cart

How I organize our daily curriculum with the school cart

  Over the years I have tried many different methods to organize daily curriculum. We’ve used baskets, shelves, tubs, even a dish drainer! About eight months ago, Aldi had these amazing carts for $25. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to buy one ($25 is a bit steep for me) and passed them up the first couple of times I saw them. But I just couldn’t shake the thought that it would be great to

Simple Geography For Young Homeschoolers (Review)

  To be honest, geography is something I’ve skipped a lot in our homeschool. Partly because I’m so bad at the subject that the mere thought makes me grimace. Seriously. I’m grimacing now. . . Anyway, so when Let’s Go Geography came up for review, I was a bit apprehensive. However, I did what any good parent does, I sucked it up and agreed to take on my old foe- stairs geography. That being said, once I

Can Do Cubes (Review) #hsreviews #literacy #reading #phonics

As I mentioned in my Jolly Literacy Grammar and Phonics Review, my not-so-littles are starting kindergarten here soon. To go along with our other Jolly Literacy kindergarten materials, we also received a set of Can Do Cubes from (just2ducks LLC) for review. Can Do Cubes Review The idea of using wooden blocks for phonics/letter recognition is not a new concept for us, and actually, just prior to receiving the blocks I had just watched a video

Homeschool Spanish Immersion Curriculum For Kids (Review) #hsreviews #foreignlanguage #homeschoolspanish

spanish immersion curriculum

Did you know that knowing a foreign language is now a requirement for entering most colleges and universities? In fact, most of them would prefer that you have two or more years of experience on the transcripts. I’ve learned that the easiest way to go about this is to introduce the language early so that it becomes second nature. We have tried all kinds of Spanish curriculum over the years, and by far we’ve found

5 Things I Have Learned About Buying Homeschool Curriculum (Back To School Series)

Buying Homeschool Curriculum feat

This August marks our sixth year of homeschooling. And while that’s nothing next to some of the 20+ year veterans who are still at it, I have learned a thing or two when it comes to buying homeschool curriculum. 1. It’s okay to buy used and sometimes not the most recent version of things. When we first started homeschooling, I wanted the newest and best of everything. It took me a couple of years to