The Best DIY Play Dough Recipe

The Best and Easiest DIY Play Dough Recipe

For years I’ve made DIY play dough. The stuff you get in the store is just too chemical laden for my tastes. While I don’t always enjoy the acting of making the dough itself, knowing that my children are playing with a version that is much better is well worth it! This easy recipe whips up in no time at all and is always a kid pleaser. DIY Colored Play Dough What you need: 1

DIY Plantain Salve {To Soothe & Heal Naturally}

Since we moved out to the country, I’ve learned all kinds of “living off the land” tips and tricks from neighbors and friends who already live on a homestead. One of the first things I found to be particularly helpful was plantain. Plantain salve is a natural and frugal way to heal your family’s everyday wounds and bug bites without all the added chemicals and questionable ingredients. DIY Plantain Salve What is plantain? According to Mountain

Nature-Based Middle School Science {Plus a DIY Ant Farm}

I like to be prepared. I like to make lists, plan, organize, prioritize and (hopefully) make things happen on time, with the best possible outcome. Our homeschool and the curriculum we use is no exception. Unfortunately, this has lead to my demise on several occasions. With four school-age children (preschool to high school), another one due in September, a husband with an unpredictable work schedule, two dogs, two rabbits and two chickens… things don’t always work

How to Turn an Orange into a Candle

My mother had this idea to turn an orange into a candle. You know what that says to me? BLOG POST! Naturally, I made her wait until I could find my camera. It’s incredibly easy. What you need: orange knife lighter bowl orange essential oil (if you like the smell a bit stronger) filler oil (anything will work- olive, canola, vegetable, coconut) Grab your orange and slice it in half   Carefully slice out the

DIY Glass Cleaner… That Works! Baby Tested, Mother Approved

There is a mirror in my bedroom. It looks like this. From far away it doesn’t look too bad. However, when you get up close, you can see the section of the mirror my babies can reach. Atrocious, huh? I set out to find a DIY glass cleaner that would work on the grimiest grim in the house- the mirror in my bedroom. I found one at Crunchy Betty. This gal has done her research,