Aviation Education with Dr. Aviation (Review)

  Doctor Aviation is an online course that can be taken by students, adults, or whole families together. Julia is taking the aviation education course as an elective in high school. We were given six months of access to the course, which means my freshman will be able to finish it just after the start of our new school year. Aviation Education with Dr. Aviation Here’s a screenshot of the lesson page. It’s all pretty self-explanatory. Notice

Computer Skills For Homeschoolers {Review}

Some areas of homeschooling I’ve handled like a boss. Others, like computer skills, I completely forget about until the kids are nearly in high school! Or at least that’s what happened with my oldest two. Both my eighth grader and my senior were in upper middle school before I realized they had no clue how to operate a computer. Basic stuff like sending an email, doing an online search,  or creating a document were mysteries