Pantry Cooking Day 3 PB Toast, More Beans, and Chicken Alfredo

We made it through Day 3 of pantry cooking week!

  Just finding my pantry cooking week? Don’t miss Day 1 and Day 2! Today started off a bit rough. I planned on just doing blueberry oats again, but that wasn’t happening. The children nearly started a coup, but after some negotiations, we settled on peanut butter toast. Win-win. They didn’t have to eat oats again (not their favorite thing) and we managed to have a somewhat nutritious breakfast. For lunch, we were able to do

5 Budget-Friendly Spaghetti Meals (Freezer-Friendly Too!)

5 Budget Friendly Spaghetti Meals

  Supper happens every night. I know this. Why then, on rare occasion, do I forget that my family will need supper until it’s nearly supper time?? Granted, this doesn’t happen too terribly often (thankfully), but it does happen. Most of the time I know what we are having for supper. I simply check my meal plan or (on slightly less prepared weeks) scan the freezer to pull out a frozen meal for supper. In