Three Books I Read Before Each New School Year & How YOU Can Win One

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  I don’t know about you, but I’m in major planning mode over here. This year I’ve decided to adapt the crate system for this year’s curriculum organization. I’ve fallen in love with Kristie’s techniques and strategies. You should totally check out her blog. But wait, you

American History With Rush Revere (Review)

american history with rush revere

  So this year, we studied American History. My kindergartners and I have read many historical-type picture books and did a ton of notebooking pages. My eighth grader also studied American History. While her studies looked a bit different, they too included a plethora of books.

Living History Books For The Whole Family (Review)

  Since we are a Charlotte Mason-esque homeschool, living history books are the only kind of history books we keep. What is a living history book? Well, according to Simply Charlotte Mason- Living books are usually written by one person who has a passion for the

A Love Story For Young And Old Alike (Review)

  I used to read a lot of novels. I would devour them by the dozen each month. Then, somewhere along the way, my fictional reading came to a near halt and was replaced with nonfiction. I traded in my adventures and mysteries for books

Bessie’s Pillow (Historical Fiction Book Review)

Bessie's Pillow

When it comes to fictional books, historical fiction is by far my favorite genre. In general, I have a hard time reading, watching, or just devoting time in general to something that isn’t going to teach me anything. For this reason, I find watching mindless