Hands-on History with the Timeline Trio from Home School in the Woods (Review)

  We love Home School in the Woods and have used their products regularly throughout the years in our homeschool. Some of the products we’ve used include Ancient Egypt, Elections Lap Book, and Project Passport Renaissance & Reformation. This time around we received the Timeline Trio. What is the Timeline Trio? The Timeline Trio includes the HISTORY Through the Ages “Record of Time”, Suggested Placement Guide, and the HISTORY Through the Ages Collection of Historical Timeline Figures on CD. The set retails

Drive Thru History ® – The Gospels – Review

As a busy homeschool mom of many, I try to find quality curriculum that can stand in for me from time to time. And when it comes to history, Drive Thru History® is one of my go-to’s. We recently added Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” to our collection. Drive Thru History ® – The Gospels Their latest series of Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts tells the story of Jesus from the locations recorded in the Gospels. Throughout

Lapbooking Through Ancient Egypt With Homeschool In The Woods (Review)

Lapbooking Through History - HITW Ancient Egypt Review

  Lately, we’ve been studying Ancient Egypt. You know, mummies, pyramids, pharaohs- the whole shebang. I’ve always found ancient Egypt fascinating. Using Home School in the Woods‘ Project Passport, we’ve been discovering and learning together by lapbooking through Ancient Egypt. Lapbooking Through Ancient Egypt It’s pretty well known that February (usually the halfway mark in school) can be one of the toughest months of the homeschool year. It’s still dreary and cold out, and it seems like winter

Douglas MacArthur Heroes of History Review

YWAM Publishing is no stranger to the homeschooling community. For years they have produced quality biographies about Christians both past and present. Last year we had the pleasure of reviewing their C.S. Lewis book and it was wonderful! We recently received Heroes of History- Douglas MacArthur ($7.50) for review, and just like that last one, it has been a delightfully fun read.  Along with the book we also received the Digital Unit Study ($7.49) that accompanies it. Douglas MacArthur

The Dragon and The Raven Audio Book Review

We moved to the country last December. By country, I mean we are roughly an hour from any major city. This long distance move has made audio books our new best friend. We borrow them from the library, buy them used, and when we are forunate enough- we get to review them for free. We were recently given The Dragon and the Raven by Heirloom Audio Productions review. The Dragon and The Raven Review We are huge fans of