Reset Your Homeschool With Homeschool Rescue (Review)

Rescue Your Homeschool

  Every homeschool mother I know is on a continuous journey of developing and improving their homeschool. We’ve been at it nearly seven years now and I still seek out “homeschool mom” books to read. Along with books, there are some great e-courses out there to help you find your niche at home. Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity is one such course that helps you reset your homeschool when things have gone awry. And trust me, eventually,

10 Reasons We Love Schoolhouse Teachers (.com) {Review}

Schoolhouse Teachers Everything in ONE place

Being part of the Homeschool Review Crew has many benefits. One of those benefits (and perhaps my favorite) is a Yearly Membership to Schoolhouse Teachers is a collection of over 300 classes for preschool through high school grades. But don’t worry about getting overwhelmed, there are tutorial videos to help you get started. There are so many reason to love, but here are my top 10. . . 10 Reasons We Love Schoolhouse Teachers Available Anywhere Anywhere

5 Things I Have Learned About Buying Homeschool Curriculum (Back To School Series)

Buying Homeschool Curriculum feat

This August marks our sixth year of homeschooling. And while that’s nothing next to some of the 20+ year veterans who are still at it, I have learned a thing or two when it comes to buying homeschool curriculum. 1. It’s okay to buy used and sometimes not the most recent version of things. When we first started homeschooling, I wanted the newest and best of everything. It took me a couple of years to

7 Must Have Books for Homeschooling Moms 2016 {Back to School Series}

Must Have Books for the Homeschooling Mom

This Autumn will mark our sixth year of homeschooling. Over the years, I’ve read dozens of books about homeschooling. Because I wish someone had put together a list of must have books for homeschooling moms for me, I’m putting one together for you. 🙂 These books have encouraged, inspired, uplifted, and guided me in my homeschooling mom journey. While some of them are curriculum-style specific, like the Charlotte Mason Companion, the majority of these are

Online Homeschool Record Keeping Review

Homeschool Record Keeping

Homeschool record keeping can be a pain, especially if you are a naturally unorganized person like myself. I have tried many different methods for keeping the necessary records for our homeschool- none of which are perfect. We recently had the opportunity to review My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping)  from We received  the Annual Membership ($40 value). While I am normally a pen and paper kind of gal, I though I’d take a chance and try