Spring Cleaning Resources For The Busy Mom

Spring Cleaning Resources

The weather here in Indiana has been lovely the past few days. Open windows, kids running in and out of the house, just got my seeds ordered . . . oh yeah, it’s Spring baby!! Along with all the many great things about spring comes that age-old need to CLEAN. Get the curtains washed! Clean under your beds! Yep, my children may think I’ve lost my marbles, but how is that different from any other

Simple Housekeeping for Busy Moms

Simple Housekeeping for Busy Moms

In the past I have struggled with simple housekeeping. But once I finally got a handle on things, we were able to settle into a cleaning routine that has helped me maintain the house without pulling my hair out. There are a few things that I do every day to maintain my home. If nothing else, these get done, and honestly it only takes a few minutes for each one! Simple Housekeeping for Busy Moms

Finding Housekeeping Help When Life Is Busy

Finding Housekeeping Help When Life is Busy feat

I need help – housekeeping help. I have six children- two teenagers, two preschoolers, a toddler, and I’m five months pregnant (due in September). To say that I’m tired would be an understatement. I wake up tired, spend my day tired, and fall into bed at night- exhausted. This is my life right now. It’s a season of sticky hand prints on the walls and dumped cereal bowls, and on the other end- we have