Sausage, Peppers and Potatoes- A Family Favorite

Being a family of 7 means that there are bound to be some hiccups in our daily plans, which means quick, delicious dinners are a must. There are a few favorites in our family meal routine that we could eat several nights a week and no one would complain. The ingredients for those meals are staples in our home so I know I always have what I need for those “hiccup” meals. Sausage, peppers and potatoes is one

Our Favorite Whole Wheat Pizza Dough and Sauce

My kids love pizza. Unfortunately, ordering pizza for a family of seven can get quite expensive. I went searching for a new pizza dough recipe a couple weeks ago and stumbled upon Tales of Beauty for Ashes. Her dough recipe looked pretty good so we gave it a go. I was wrong. It wasn’t good. It was phenomenal! I have made pizza four times in the past two weeks; the kids keep requesting it! And

My Kitchen Mondays ~ Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Wednesdays in our house is crock pot night. We have to be at church at 5:30pm because Oscar plays on the Youth Worship Team; he plays the acoustic guitar and bass. Church doesn’t actually start until 7:00 so a lot of times we take dinner with us and either eat there or in the car (if babies are sleeping) and we don’t leave until a little after 9:00, which means we aren’t home until at least

Tex-Mex Crock Pot Chicken and Rice {My Kitchen Mondays}

In general, I plan my meals. I inventory the kitchen, pantry, fridge and both freezers. Based on that, I make my menu and then my grocery list of what I don’t have on hand. I despise throwing food away, wasting is one of my peeves. Keeping an inventory and using most of what I have on hand really helps cut down on wastage. Having said that.. there are days when I don’t have a dinner

Awesome BBQ Meatballs with a (ssshhhhhh) Store Bought Sauce

In an effort to bulk up the food reserve in my freezer, every meal we have made this week has been one that puts a little extra in the freezer. Last night was no exception. Normally, I am all about making our sauces from scratch. There’s nothing like spaghetti sauce made from your own tomatoes, and  I have been told my alfredo sauce is some of the best around. When we have bbq chicken, I always