Pantry Cooking Day 3 PB Toast, More Beans, and Chicken Alfredo

We made it through Day 3 of pantry cooking week!

  Just finding my pantry cooking week? Don’t miss Day 1 and Day 2! Today started off a bit rough. I planned on just doing blueberry oats again, but that wasn’t happening. The children nearly started a coup, but after some negotiations, we settled on peanut butter toast. Win-win. They didn’t have to eat oats again (not their favorite thing) and we managed to have a somewhat nutritious breakfast. For lunch, we were able to do

Pantry Cooking Day 2 Oatmeal, Tortilla Pizza, and Burritos

  Don’t miss Day 1 of my pantry cooking week and the video tour of my fridge, freezer, and pantry! Admittingly, it is only Day 2, but  . . . so far so good!! This morning we had oats on the stove with some frozen blueberries and brown sugar. For lunch, we had tortilla pizzas. And for supper, we’ll be having burritos. I put a bag of pintos in the crock last night so they could

Super Simple Tortilla Pizzas

tortilla pizzs

  Tortilla pizzas are one of the simplest, quickest lunches we do around here. During my recent pantry cooking week, there were days when I had to get super creative. Thankfully, I had some staples still on hand that allowed me to make one of the kids’ favorite lunches, tortilla pizzas. The kids especially like to help with these. I like to think they are so eager to help because they like helping mommy. But

I Won’t Be Grocery Shopping This Week, Freezer / Pantry Cooking It Is!

pantry cooking

There comes a time in every family’s life when Mom has to dig deep into the pantry, fridge, and freezer to put food on the table. That’s us this week. Normally I do my grocery shopping once a week, however, this week, I won’t be going out. Which means this Mama is pantry cooking for the next week! Pantry cooking doesn’t have to be hard. Too often we look in our freezers, pantries, and fridges and proclaim,