Bible Memory for Early Elementary with The Crafty Classroom

  We received the Bible ABC Curriculum Notebook for review from The Crafty Classroom. What is the Bible ABC Curriculum Notebook? The notebook is a 658-page (!!!) PDF download. Through weekly games, lessons, stories, handwriting, and more, you child learns about the character of God. To get started you just need the notebook itself, a Bible, a heavy duty binder, and basic art/craft supplies. You only need a heavy duty binder if you are planning on printing the

Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters

Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters

Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters to go with Susan Hunt’s My ABC Bible Verses We’ve been using Susan Hunt’s My ABC Bible Verses in our homeschool for a few months now. I use it with my four and five-year-olds, and of course, two-year-old Louisa is right beside them echoing every verse they say. We usually do one letter/verse a week, unless it’s particularly long and the kids are struggling with it, then we might stretch it out for

Alphabet Song Game Review

So recently we were given access to Alphabet Song Game™ Software – 2-PCs Win Download version 2.0 for review. It’s designed for children ages toddler to about six years. Made available by The Critical Thinking Co.™, this software is an easy way for children to learn uppercase and lowercase letters, shapes, and letter writing. The fun app has sixteen different games to teach your children the alphabet. It retails $6.99 but is currently free for download on Windows. There

Talking Fingers Inc. : An Online Phonics Program (Review)

When children are ready to learn to read and write, the first step it teaching them the letter sounds. Talking Fingers Inc. has released an online phonics program called Talking Shapes: A Supplemental Curriculum for Early Literacy to help parents do just that. Talking Shapes is designed for preschool and kindergarten age children. The program is made of a set of stories and games that teach children:  words are made of sounds letters can stand for sounds

Our Favorite Resources for Teaching God’s Word to Preschoolers and Tots

When I became a Christian, my only two children were already at the age to completely understand the Gospel. In fact, thanks to the teachers of the church we were attending, they got saved shortly after I did. Several years later, I had four more children- all of which came in the span of five years. It didn’t occur to me until I started reading to the first one that I would be responsible for