Always Use What You Have On Hand First {ABCs Of Frugal Living}

The very first step toward living a life of frugality is learning to use what you have on hand- and quit buying so much. What do I mean? Well, living a life of frugality doesn’t just happen over night. We literally have to recondition ourselves. Somewhere along the way, we as humans decided we need a closet full of clothes and shoes, our children need rooms full of toys, and we have to eat a

Elementary Printables from (Review)

elementary printables

This school year I have two kindergartners, a toddler, and a baby to go along with my older kids. To say my days are full and my attention is stretched is an understatement. But like most mothers, I wouldn’t change it for the world! Because both of my older kids are in high school now, with one graduating in May (!), their work is harder and more time consuming- which translates to them needing Mom

Simple Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Life- Part 1: Identify Your Stressors And Make A Plan {FREE printable}

Identify Your Stressors

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast entitled 5 Ways to De-stress. Most of what she was saying I had heard before like not taking on too much, you do have the power to say “no”, accepting things you can’t change, and so on. However, Joyce did say something I had never thought of… identify your stressors. She said that she literally sat down and 1.) made a list of everything

5 Steps to a Smooth Sunday Morning and a Printable Checklist

Steps to a smooth Sunday morning

We are that family. Without fail, for months we would arrive at church on Sunday mornings at that awkward time of being too late for Sunday School but too early for morning service. Sunday mornings at home would be a confused, chaotic time that usually ended with shoes missing, diaper bag left at home and me yelling. Yes, a pretty picture I know. My frustration would inevitably peak each Sabbath as I asked others to take care